German Army Heer Dress Jacket 1936 model custom sewn

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World War Two German Army M1936 Service Dress uniform jacket: The tunic is made in correct Feldgrau wool with a dark green stand-and-fall collar. The tunic has four patch pockets with box pleats and three point flaps. The tunic has 5 large field grey metal buttons in the front and two buttons on the shoulders beside the neck for shoulder straps. The tunic has 3 reinforced belt hook eyelet holes positioned one above the other on either side and 4 removable belt hooks can be positioned at varying heights to support the leather belt. The tunic comes plain without turn back cuffs and the sleeves are split allowing the sleeve ends to be wrapped tight around the wrist or to be rolled up in hot weather. The tunic has a 5 7/8 inch rear central vent in the skirt of the tunic. The tunic comes without the Litzen and the national emblem. The tunic comes with dark green shoulder straps