German army M1936 Service Dress uniform Trousers

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World War Two German Army M1936 Service Dress uniform Trousers: The trousers are made in both stone grey (steingrau- for the initial stages of the war) and Feldgrau - please specify when ordering. The trousers are straight legged and are high waisted. The trousers have a 4 fly button plus a top waist button - with 3 sets each of two buttons stitched to the outside of the waist band on either side of the front and one set at the back for attachment of braces or suspenders. The trousers have a V notch cut at the back with two small cloth half-belts. The trousers have two slanting side pockets situated on each side of the trouser slightly at the front. The pockets are secured with a single button. The trousers have a small FOB pocket on the right hand side of the trouser front and a right rear hip pocket secured with a single button.